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New Feature Alert: Stumble with Friends!



Get ready for an extraordinary week of friendship and fun in Stumble Guys, starting tomorrow! #StumbleWithFriends

Embark on a thrilling adventure with exceptional events, each loaded with amazing rewards that will leave you and your Stumble friends on the edge of excitement! But that's not all – introducing the revamped feature: Play with Friends.

Play with Friends Feature: Invite and Conquer!

Now, you can invite your friends to join you in the action-packed events. Forge alliances, coordinate strategies, and conquer the challenges together! Strengthen the bond of friendship as you navigate hilarious obstacles and claim victory side by side.

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 15.58.31.png

Exceptional Events, Unbelievable Rewards!

Prepare to be dazzled by a lineup of events designed to test your teamwork and skills. From heart-pounding races to mind-bending challenges, each event is crafted to deliver maximum fun and thrills. And the rewards? They're nothing short of extraordinary – skins, emotes, footsteps and more await the champions of friendship!

Thu 2/22 - Fri 3/1 - Bucket Mayhem (milestones) Milestone Rewards

  • Diver Cahill (Skin)
  • The Robot (Emote)

Thu 2/22 - Mon 2/26 - Laser Event (leaderboards) Leaderboard Rewards

  • Block Dasher (Skin)
  • Block Dash Grid (Steps)

Thu 2/22 - Thu 2/29 Frosty Fury (milestones) Featuring new Yeti Yeets level! Milestone Rewards

  • Frost Yeti (Skin)
  • Yeet! (Emote)

Fri 2/23 - Mon 2/26 - Stumble Up EZ (milestones) 1 round event featuring the Stumble Up EZ level with only 1 milestone that can be claimed only through completing the level Milestone Rewards

  • Clyde (Skin)

Mon 2/26 - Fri 3/1 - Lava Land (milestones) Milestone Rewards

  • Fire (Emote)
  • Fire (Foostep)

Mon 2/26 - Fri 3/1 - Block Dash (milestones) Milestone Rewards

  • EZ (Emote)
  • Shoulder Brush (Emote Taunt)


  • Add 7 friends - Banana Bread Guy (Skin)
  • Add 5 friends - ButtShake (Victory)
  • Add 3 friends - Banana (Footsteps)
  • Add 1 friend - Too Cool (Emote)

And this is not it! To amplify the festivities, all the maps will be accessible in Custom Party throughout the week!

Gather your pals, embark on thrilling adventures, and compete on all your favorite maps in Custom Party together. It's time to stumble, laugh, and create unforgettable memories during this special celebration.

Engage with the Stumble Guys Community: Discord Challenges Edition!

Dive into the Stumble Guys Discord servers and participate in specially curated challenges that will test not only your gaming skills but also your ability to strategize and collaborate with fellow Stumblers. It's the ultimate test of teamwork and camaraderie!

Save the Date and Spread the Word!

Don't miss out on the most unforgettable week in Stumble Guys history! Mark your calendars, rally your friends, and dive into the chaos together. This is not just a week; it's a celebration of camaraderie, laughter, and triumph!

Get ready to stumble, laugh, and triumph together. The countdown to an exceptional week starts now! #StumbleWithFriends

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