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Ask Me Anything seesions - August 3rd 2023




Yo, what's good, Stumblers! StumbleBox here!

Yesterday, August 3rd, we had the very first Ask Me Anything session with Swareth and Jen from our development team, all about the shard system. We are very happy to see your response to the event and will keep doing these AMAs 'cause we know how much you love getting your questions answered!

If you missed the AMA, no worries! Check out the Q&A below!


What's the point of adding shards?

Up into now we were very limited in the number of rewards we could give out as they were all 1 and done. By introducing shards we are able to give out more rewards overall for participating in the game. Additionally it means we can make cosmetics more available for all players so people who want to spend gems to get something by spinning a wheel can at the same time someone who is willing to play the game over a period of time can also gain cosmetics. One thing you will start to slowly see is we will be making specific cosmetics available in different areas so you will see some that are only from shards and others that will be only from wheels as an example.

Is the new shard system becoming a permanent feature for the game?

At this time it will be a new feature in the game, it will make it easier for players to collect cosmetics by just playing and engaging with the game. It might take a little bit longer to earn a specific cosmetic but with shards we can provide even more opportunities to unlock cosmetics.

How can we collect shards?

You can earn shards all over the game, some will be in the battle pass, others from events and tournaments during the month as well as rewards from daily missions and wheels. The specific location, which shards and how many will vary a bit over time as we keep improving the feature.

How many shards are needed to unlock Stumblers?

The number of shards required varies based upon the specific stumbler and rarity of that stumbler.

Will we be able to continue obtaining Stumblers normally or now will all require shards

Some cosmetics you will still be able to obtain normally and others you will be able to get from shards. The nice thing about shards is it gives both us and you more choices on how to get some cosmetics. You could play events and tournaments during the month to unlock a cosmetic totally for free by collecting the shards or if you want it immediately on day 1 you could use gems to spin the wheel to unlock it.

is there a chance that we will be able to exchange shards with other players in the future

It is something we are considering but for now it is not something we have planned for the near future. We still have a bunch of work to do with the shard system to make it easier to use, easier to find where to get shards and further improve the rewards for collecting the,

How does the Duplicate Bank work?

Once you have unlocked a cosmetic if you earn a shard it will fill up the duplicate bank, each time you fill up the bank this will be cashed in to give you a new reward which will range from access to unique cosmetics (e.g. only from the bank) to other rewards you will be able to use in the game.

Will shards be in the free lucky wheel?

Potentially, specific shard locations will change over time based upon the skins, the season and game balance

Can I buy Shards?

Yes, no, maybe. For now the focus on shards is to make them available in the game through sources that you can earn for free. Be it collecting a seasonal currency you use to spin a wheel or directly from an event reward. Long term their may be offers and bundles in the store with shards as part of them but their is no plan right now to sell specific shards directly.


From HarshTatsuya: How will the new shard system profit the players?

With the new system players will be able to earn cosmetics by simply playing and participating in the game over time. This means we can spread out the rewards and the experience across the month (season) so the pressure to get everything in the 1st few days.

From NIN: How much easier is it to get a skin now than before the shard system was introduced (With %)?

This varies a bit depending on the skin, as a general rule it is overall easier to get sharded skins (especially for free). The rarest sharded skins will be roughly 5 - 10% easier than previously.

From GAMESWINGER YT: Shard system is going to be expensive or its Pocket Friendly for everyone when it comes to Wheels and what is the % of getting shards in Wheels?

The shard system is focused on rewarding play not pay. So if you play the game over the season you should be able to get a large majority of sharded skins. When it comes to wheels in particular you will be able to earn the currency you need for the spins through the battlepass, events, tournaments, wheels and daily rewards, between this and the shards you get from these areas it is both easier and more pocket friendly to get these cosmetics. Also keep in mind the event runs all month so you have a chance to keep gaining shards for the entire duration and don't have to rush to unlock it all in day 1 unless you want to.

From MoTastisch: Will shards ever be featured in the token wheel?

Not sure at this point, right now we are not planning on doing this but it might be something that we try in the future. If we do it will be for a really cool and unique cosmetic only available in the wheel.

From NIN: What happens when you reach a certain threshold of full duplicated shards?

Each time you get a duplicate it goes to the shard bank (this is common for all duplicates) and once the bank is full it is cashed in and empties giving you a reward. You can do this over and over so their will always be something for you to gain as a result of your duplicates.

From NIN: What are the prizes we receive when we reach full tier bank?

The prizes for filling up the bank will vary over time as we keep building out the feature and improving on it. These will range from things like gems, shards for unique cosmetics and other things which will be revealed when ready. Currently LTC is given from the dup bar.

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