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Valentina Acosta's CC bundle



Can you briefly introduce yourself to our players?

  • Hi, I'm Valentina Acosta, official content creator of Stumble Guys!

How long have you been a content creator/streamer?

  • I'm almost 2 years creating content for this wonderful game.

What do you like the most about Stumble Guys?

  • What I like the most is to represent my country Colombia, being the official influencer #1.

What is your favourite skin/emote/etc?

  • My favourite skin is the Mythical "Glitchy", and special emote "toss a block".

What is a good memory you have from Stumble Guys in your life?

  • The best memory I will have is all the love of my followers supporting me every day in my career as a Youtuber and influencer.

Why did you pick these items for your curated bundle?

  • I think this Skin and this Emote that are very fundamental to be a pro player on Stumble Guys.

Where is the bundle available and for how long?

  • From the 4th of July until the 7th of July in the Stumble Guys shop as well as on the Stumble Guys website!

What is your creator code?


The link to your main channel is here.

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