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Update 0.54: MrBeast Season, part two


What's new Stumblers?! Welcome to update 0.54 -MrBeast Season, part two!

In this update, we are adding two new levels and focusing in-game events in a way that allows you to obtain all that MrBeast content you want!


Crab Landing

Prepare for a brand new level that will transport you to a plane crash site, where you'll navigate through obstacles to reach the legendary Crab King - an ancient hero who's here to save the day! Keep your eyes peeled and stay alert: the water levels are rising, and the path to the coveted Crab King is fraught with danger!

crab landing.png

Ice Caramba

This new level takes you to new heights - quite literally! Not only does it include the original Icy Heights slope, but also brand new obstacles, routes and speed to keep your adrenaline pumping! Be cautious - things can get a little dicey with new challenges that await you! From dodging obstacles to blazing through new routes, the new Icy Heights slope is bound to take your breath away!

STG-25490_Ice Caramba Level Carrousel_4320x1080_V1.jpg


MrBeast's Olympiad Start Date - Aug 17 End Date - Aug 24

Prehistoric Event Start Date - Aug 24 End Date - Aug 28

Beastly Ending Start Date - Aug 28 End Date - Sept 1



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