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New and Improved Stumble Pass - Bigger and Better Than Ever!



Welcome back, Stumblers! Today, we're thrilled to introduce the latest evolution of the NEW Stumble Pass!

We have designed it to elevate your stumble experience to new heights. Based on valuable feedback from our community, we've reimagined the NEW Stumble Pass to offer a more personalized and rewarding journey for every Stumbler.

When you have your first encounter with it, you are going to be presented with this tutorial screen: sp0.png

After that, you are set and ready to go explore all its spectacular visuals.

1. NEW Stumble Pass activation Just like in the previous version, you are able to activate your Premium Stumble Pass with the Regular Offer using Gems sp2.png

The Premium Stumble Pass will include an exclusive Skin that will immediately unlock upon activation (this Skin will become immediately available for you to use). Also, will allow you to unlock another exclusive skin with Stumble Pass progression.

But wait, there's more!

In this new version there is also a DELUXE OFFER, available for purchase, and it will unlock a bundle that includes all the benefits of the Premium Pass, plus the first 30 Pass Levels (all rewards ready to unlock at your command), plus an exclusive Skin, plus a 50% Star Booster that will empower you to unlock your rewards faster!

2. Custom Progression and Level bypass Say goodbye to linear progression! With the NEW Stumble Pass, you have full control over your advancement. Progress at your own pace and unlock the rewards you want the most along the way. Additionally, for those seeking an extra boost, the ability to skip Pass Levels using Gems is now available, providing unparalleled customization options. sp1.png sp3.png

3. Expanded Rewards Prepare for a treasure trove of exclusive rewards! Earn Pass Tokens with each level you unlock and feast on coveted cosmetics. That's not all! At the end of each page, a grand reward awaits those who conquer every challenge. sp4.png

4. Diversified Star Distribution Say goodbye to Star earning limitations! There's never been a better time to earn Stars. Rewards are now attainable from new sources, like daily and weekly Stumble Missions, as well as special Events. Whether you're dominating rounds or completing Missions, Stars are yours for the taking. Now that Stars are distributed across different game modes, the more you play the more you earn! sp5.png


When is the NEW Stumble Pass available? It will be available for any player on March 28th with the 0.68 release (and all later release iterations).

Is there a special Gem discount if I acquire more ‘Pass Levels’? Absolutely! We have Gem discounts depending on how many 'Pass Levels' you aquire.

Why are we making changes to the Stumble Pass? Improving visuals and better clarity when it comes to user experience navigation. The aim is to provide a clear structure so it is easier for all Stumblers to understand what they can receive as a reward with better visual clues.

What happens if I have the previous game version/ Stumble Pass before the NEW Stumble Pass is displayed? If you're advancing through the initial April Stumble Pass (playing on a version below 0.68) and you update the game to version 0.68, you'll gain access to the NEW Stumble Pass (for April). However, you will lose any progress you made before you updated.

Will Xbox players have the NEW Stumble Pass? Players on Xbox are not going to have the NEW Stumble Pass for the time being, keep an eye out for further updates regarding console.

Alright, Stumblers! That's the scoop on our shiny NEW Stumble Pass. We're super excited for you to try it out and see how much fun you can have. Remember, it's all about making your game time awesome!!!

So, get ready to jump in and have a blast with the new features. Let's keep the fun rolling, Stumblers! ????????️

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