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Stumble Guys' First Official Trading Card Collection by Panini!



Get ready! This Spring 2024 marks an exciting milestone for Stumble Guys fans. For the first time, a global collection of official Stumble Guys trading cards, thoughtfully crafted and designed by the renowned collectibles company Panini, is hitting the shelves worldwide. This unique collection promises to bring the vibrant, action-packed world of Stumble Guys into your hands in a whole new way.

A Closer Look at the Collection

The official trading card collection by Panini has an impressive deck of 234 cards, each capturing Stumble Guys' essence and dynamic energy. Among these, collectors will find 75 special and metal cards that truly stand out, thanks to their amazing holographic effects that bring each character and scene to life. The visual appeal of these cards is simply unmatched.

And the excitement doesn't stop there. Within this extensive collection, ten limited edition cards are hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. These ultra-rare finds are a collector's dream, offering unique designs and features.

More Than Just Collectibles

Panini understands that trading cards are more than just collectibles; they're a way to bring fans together. That's why, in selected countries, a special binder is also available for enthusiasts to protect and organize their collection and dive into the Stumble Guys universe in an interactive way. The binder comes with instructions for a card game that friends can enjoy together, turning your collection into an exciting gameplay experience.

Where to Find Them

The Stumble Guys official trading card collection by Panini will be available for sale in Spring 2024, ready to be picked up by fans around the globe. Whether you're looking to complete the entire set, find those unique holographic cards, or enjoy a fun game with friends, this collection has something for everyone.

Don't miss out on the action! Check out the TV commercial here to get a glimpse of the excitement that awaits and to see these stunning cards in action.

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