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MrBeast is ready to stumble in massive collaboration with “Stumble Guys”



CULVER CITY, Calif. – July 13, 2022 – Two massive and dedicated global communities are set for an epic collaboration as Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast - the world’s most-subscribed creator - is teaming up with “Stumble Guys,” the global phenomenon battle royale party game.

MrBeast and “Stumble Guys” will collaborate in a first-of-its-kind partnership for both parties to bring multiple new in-game levels, characters, interactive features, emotes, animations and more to life. In true MrBeast fashion, players can expect crazy challenges and unbelievable stunts with surprising twists and turns at every corner that capture the infectious energy and playfulness of MrBeast. Meticulously crafted and designed by Jimmy, alongside the “Stumble Guys” team, the experiences delivered to players will aim to celebrate the iconic creator, while staying true to the game’s fast-paced, frenetic play style.

"I chose to collaborate with ‘Stumble Guys’ because the game is the perfect platform to serve as a canvas for my creativity and bring custom-created MrBeast experiences to both of our communities” said Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast. “I can’t wait to see players try to survive the new courses, which include all the larger-than-life, unbelievable and uplifting moments that are part of everything we do at MrBeast.”

Coming this summer, the first level will transport players to a world based on MrBeast’s famed Warehouse, complete with his signature oversized sets and jaw-dropping obstacle courses. Stay tuned for more MrBeast experiences - in-real-life and in-game - to be revealed soon! A first-look at the new level will be available in Open Beta next week.

“Our expansive partnership with Jimmy and the entire MrBeast team is a testament to our belief in delivering bold, innovative, and fun content collaborations with beloved talent and brands to our players,” said Jamie Berger, Senior Vice President of Marketing for “Stumble Guys” at Scopely.“ ‘Stumblers’ love MrBeast and his over-the-top content and challenges, which are a perfect fit to bring into the world of ‘Stumble Guys.’ We hope our MrBeast-created experiences will excite our amazing community and welcome new fans to the party.”

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