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The official Stumble Guys card collection has arrived!


Get Ready to Stumble with the Official Stumble Guys Card Collection!

Are you ready to join the party and become the ultimate Stumble Guys champion? Real fans don't want to miss out on the latest collection of trading cards! Featuring all your favorite stumblers like Mr Stumble, Banana Guy, Leonidas, Ruby Cupid and many more, this collection is packed with awesome cards that are sure to make your Stumble Guys game even more exciting.

In this collection of 162 cards, keep an eye out for the 24 Gold Legendary cards and the 10 Ruby Specials in the latest Stumble Guys card collection! Collect them all tand become the envy of your friends. Don't miss out on this chance to take your Stumble Guys game to the next level!

Each pack is loaded with four awesome standard cards, plus a chance to score a legendary Gold or Ruby Special card!

Ready to start your Stumble Guys trading card collection? Head over to https://shop.diramix.com/en/

Join the party!

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