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Update 0.53: MrBeast Season


Update 0,53: The MrBeast Season

Hey there, Stumblers! We're excited to share that Update 0.53 is here, and it's all about MrBeast Season! Get ready for new stumblers, new levels, and an awesome new system for collecting your faves! We can't wait for you to experience all the exciting new content. Let's check it out!


The Warehouse

STG-25234_Mr Beast Warehouse Level Carousel_1080x4320_V1.jpg

We are thrilled to announce that with this update we are introducing MrBeast's brand new level: The Warehouse - it's one of the most exciting and unique levels we've added to Stumble Guys yet! Be ready to conquer new challenges and obstacles on this adventurous new stage. The Warehouse will be available to play very soon, so stay tuned and get ready for an awesome experience.

Abducted Avenue

This epic continuation of the original Abduction Avenue, features broken roads, police barricades, and skyscrapers scattered throughout the level, and players will face new challenges like UFOs, low gravity, and alien lasers. Navigate through an asteroid field filled with risky jumps and watch out for an unexpected finish line that will take you on another ride!


unnamed (2).png

The new shard system is an awesome way for you to collect your favorite Stumblers and unique cosmetics! By collecting specific shards, you'll be able to unlock new items. Each Stumbler requires a different amount of shards, based on their rarity. You can obtain shards through various means, and your progress will be tracked so you know how close you are to unlocking the cosmetics you want. Once you have collected all the necessary shards, the item will be unlocked and added to your inventory. Happy collecting!

There are a ton of different ways to earn shards throughout the entire game!

  • Wheels
  • check: Offers
  • Stumble Pass
  • New Tournaments
  • Events
  • Missions

Remember that any excess shards you collect will be treated as "duplicates" if you've already reached the required number for a particular cosmetic. But don't worry! Instead of going to waste, duplicate shards become valuable EXP in your Duplicate Bank. This unique feature lets you accumulate EXP that will translate into additional rewards and benefits.


_The Stumble Guys team totally gets how much collecting awesome skins and cosmetics means to you. That's why we're rolling out the shard system to give you a chance to earn them through gameplay, not just by buying them from the store. The shard system lets you earn rewards by engaging with various features in the game, making your progress more rewarding.

But don't worry, we know change can be a bit overwhelming. So, we're gradually introducing the shard system. At first only a group of skins will be sharded. We will be listening to your feedback to fine-tune the system based on what you think.

We want to enhance your gaming experience and make your progress more rewarding. So, go ahead and explore the shard system. You'll see that it adds a whole new dimension to your Stumble Guys adventure.

Happy Stumbling!_

Jenny R. Sr. Director of Product Stumble Guys


We will have exciting events coming up in 0.53, including Mr Beast events! There will be more event details released to you guys closer to when the events start.


Season 6 Dates: Friday, 28 July - Friday 11 August


  • Glitchy [Skin] (Mythic)
  • Gold 5py [Skin] (Legendary)
  • Floor Gitch Footsteps [Footsteps] (Legendary)
  • Super Thief [Victory Animation] (Legendary)
  • Super Thief [Emote] (Legendary)


Victory Animations

  • MrBeast Case
  • Seein' Stars
  • Sad Ice Cream
  • Money Gun
  • Descending
  • Super Thief
  • Money Pallet
  • Loser

Taunt Animations

  • MrBeast Case
  • Seein' Stars
  • Sad Ice Cream
  • Money Gun
  • Descending
  • Super Thief
  • Money Pallet
  • Loser


  • The Beast
  • MrBeast
  • MrBeast Case - Special Emote!
  • Ban Hammer
  • EZ
  • Money Case


  • MrBeast Flag
  • The Beast Flag
  • MrBeast
  • Neon Beam Footsteps
  • Pink Lightning Footsteps
  • Steel Case Pop Ups
  • Shape Steps
  • Money Briefcase
  • Bundle of Cash Footsteps

MrBeast Stumblers

  • The Beast - Epic
  • MrBeast Magic - Special
  • The Beast - Special
  • MrBeast - Mythic
  • MrBeast - Legendary
  • MrBeast - Mythic
  • MrBeast - Legendary
  • The Beast - Epic
  • Gold Jimmy - Special

Other Stumblers

  • Glitchy - Mythic
  • Peel Out - Legendary
  • Virgo - Mythic
  • Obsidian Darkpeel - Legendary
  • Diamond KO - Special
  • 3D Gal - Legendary
  • Retro Gal - Mythic
  • Fossil Guy - Special
  • Cave Flyer - Mythic
  • Dino Guy - Epic
  • Cave Guy - Epic
  • Cave Gal - Epic
  • Dino Watcher - Legendary
  • Sabertooth - Legendary
  • Wooly - Legendary
  • T-Rex Guy - Epic

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