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Rush Hour Teams - Beat The Traffic in our Newest Level!



Hey Stumblers!

You’ve loved the team dynamics, so we’re hitting the gas and bringing you more!!! Rally your buddies, form teams in Events and Custom Parties, and prepare for an adrenaline-fueled battle as you and your crew face off against other groups in RUSH HOUR TEAMS. It’s time to put the pedal to the metal and show who rules the road!

Respawn Orbs: Your Roadside Assistance!

Got a teammate who’s been towed away? No problem! Our new respawn orbs are like a pit stop for your team, ready to get you back in the game. Here’s how these game-changing lifesavers work:

  • Orb Limit: Only two (2) respawn orbs will appear on the map, so be ready to swerve and grab them!
  • Random Spawn: Orbs pop up in random spots on the map – it’s like finding a shortcut in a traffic jam.
  • Timing is Key: Each orb appears at a random time after the last one’s collected, with a max wait time of 12 seconds. Speed is of the essence!
  • First Out, First In: Collecting orbs brings back your fallen teammates in the order they were eliminated. First one out is the first one back on the road!
  • Strategic Moves: Even if all your teammates are cruising, grab those orbs to keep your rivals stuck in the breakdown lane.

Team Dynamics Refresher

You’re already a pro at navigating team dynamics, but here’s a quick pit stop for a refresher:

  • Work Together: Stick with your crew, strategize, and use those orbs to keep your team in the fast lane.
  • Outsmart Rivals: Collect orbs even when you don’t need them to keep your rival team stalled.
  • Stay Alert: With random orb spawns and timings, staying vigilant is your key to speeding ahead.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your friends, hit the gas, and beat the traffic! Rush Hour Teams is here to turbocharge your stumbles!

Cheers, The Stumble Guys Team

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