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NEW MAP: Stumbles & Dragons (Dungeons & Dragons collab)



Hey, Stumblers! Get ready for the adventure of your life with our newest level: Stumbles & Dragons! Imagine a place where every corner holds a new challenge, and every step could be your last...

What's Waiting for You?

Stumbles & Dragons is not your average run-of-the-mill level. It's an endless dungeon teeming with fiendish traps, intriguing mechanisms, and terrifying monsters. Picture this: lava pits, swinging axes, and sneaky Kobolds, all under the watchful eyes of Dragons, Giants, and Beholders. Sounds like a blast, right?

But wait, there's a twist! As you navigate through this treacherous dungeon, you'll be chased by a magical Prismatic Wall. Touch it, and you're out! This wall doesn't know mercy; it's relentless, constantly on your tail, forcing you to push your limits.

Choose Your Hero

In Stumbles & Dragons, you're not just any stumbler; you're a hero with unique abilities. Choose from one of four classes:

Fighter: Swing your magical axe to clear obstacles and get a speed boost. Wizard: Teleport ahead to escape traps and outsmart your rivals. Rogue: Use your boosted jump to leap over dangers and discover new paths. Cleric: Activate your Holy shield to become invulnerable to all hazards.

Designed for Everyone

Whether you're rallying a full party of 32 players or choose a more intimate adventure with just a few friends, Stumbles & Dragons adapts to ensure everyone has a fair shot at glory.

Master the Dungeon

At first, the Prismatic Wall gives you a break, letting you get the hang of your powers. But don't get too comfy. With each room you conquer, it speeds up, making every step more dangerous than the last.

And for those looking to truly master the dungeon, discover the secret pro moves hidden within. Use the shield to bash through enemies, work with your team to overcome challenges, and remember: the Prismatic Wall halts for no boss fight, so be quick!

Are You Ready?

Stumbles & Dragons is more than just a level; it's a test of courage, skill, and quick thinking. Can you outrun your fate and emerge victorious from the dungeon?

Gather your friends, choose your class, and step into the adventure. The dungeon awaits, and so does your destiny. Are you ready to stumble into legend?

Dive in, Stumblers, and may the best win!

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