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Mr. Stumble's Summer Race



It's time to gather together as a community to reach the goal!

To progress forward, you need to collect 5 BILLION STARS in Stumble Guys.

Upon reaching this milestone before the deadline, TWO extraordinary rewards await!

  • 5 Prize Boxes if you collect 3 Billion Stars
  • ONE EXCLUSIVE SKIN if you collect 5 Billion Stars!!!

In the lively world of Stumble Guys, Mr. Stumble's vacation plans hit a snag when his suitcase burst open, scattering Stars all over the Stumbleverse! He needs his Stars back! Help him to ensure he can enjoy his Summer Adventures!

Mr. Stumble has promised to reward those who help him recover his Stars.

If you, as a community, gather 3 Billion Stars, he will gift 5 Prize Boxes to each of you. But if you gather the 5 Billion Stars he needs, he will gift each of you an exclusive skin!

Join the fun and play Stumble Guys now to help Mr. Stumble and win amazing rewards!

  • Play at least 1 game with Stars as game rewards to be eligible (Normal Games, Daily Missions, Weekly Missions, and Events)
  • View the progress on the Website. It will be updated every day HERE!
  • Deadline to unlock the 5 Billion Star Prize: July 25th 2024
  • You will be able to collect the rewards directly in the game at the end of the event

Note: Console players won't be able to participate in this event. We are so sorry about it! For future Milestone Events we'll try to involve console players, so all Stumblers can participate.

Join the party!

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