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Interview with Content Creator Nuno



Background and Motivation

Question: Why did you start creating content for Stumble Guys?

Answer: I was looking for a game that I could play with my viewers, and that's how we discovered Stumble Guys. After trying it out, I quickly realized how much fun it was and wanted to keep playing.

The Content Creation Process

Question: What does a typical shoot look like for you when creating Stumble Guys content? How do you plan and execute your ideas?

Answer: First, I start the game and check what's new in the shop because I'm a big fan of skins. You can earn them in events or buy them in the shop; I always make videos about that. Since Stumble Guys isn't just about skins but also has many different maps, I began gathering the best tips and tricks for each map and sharing them in my videos to make everyone a better player. When I find a cool event or a new map is released, I play it live on my stream and involve my viewers. I often host custom parties where they can win gems or set up challenges like "Safe and Side Jump" or the "2 Block Challenge." This way, my community has fun, and I get great material for my YouTube videos.

Favorite Content

Question: Could you describe one or two of your favorite pieces of content that you've created for Stumble Guys and what makes them special?

Answer: My first video was a Block Dash Endless World Record video. Together with the community, we spent hours in the stream trying to set a world record for the longest survival time. It was so much fun that we didn't stop until we became the best. Another special video is my "Save and Side Jump" video. There was a very challenging jump in the most popular map, and every time I made that jump in the stream, people asked how to do it. So, I decided to make a video that helped many people master this jump.

German Stumble Guys Discord

Question: Besides creating content for Stumble Guys, you started a German Discord server for the community. Tell us more about your experience!

Answer: I saw that other regions had their own Stumble Guys servers, but Germany didn't. I wanted to change that and contacted the Stumble Guys to offer to help set up a server. Now, we can create custom name color tournaments, plan events, announce news, host lobbies, distribute gems, and much more. My moderators, Apfel and Tryfufu, and I host numerous weekly events to have lots of fun. Sometimes, you can only wear certain colors, sometimes, you have to play as an animal or an athlete. Anyone can join the server through my social media channels. Once you join, you'll be warmly welcomed and can start stumbling right away.

Plans for the Future

Question: What are your future plans for creating content for Stumble Guys? Are there any new directions or concepts you would like to explore?

Answer: Stumble Guys has great potential, from workshops to everyone's favorite maps. I'm excited to see what the team has planned for the future. If they managed to get MrBeast into the game, they can achieve much more. I'd love for the game to focus more on social aspects, like being able to choose your teammates on team maps, adding players you've played with, and having more control over custom groups. Features like better profile pages for players would also be very helpful. For example, the workshop could also be improved with an undo button and more customization options. These features would greatly help me create content by saving time on map creation.

Advice for Aspiring Creators

Question: What advice would you give someone wanting to start creating content for Stumble Guys?

Answer: The beginning is always tough, whether you're learning a language or creating content for a game. Start recording and show people what you do in Stumble Guys. Whether it's tips and tricks, 1 vs 1, world records, skin contests, updates, or your own events, show it to the people and have fun. That's the most important thing.

Where can we find your Stumble Guys content?

You can currently find me on YouTube and Twitch:

YouTube: Nuno

Twitch: Nuno

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