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Top Workshop Maps of the Week (feat. MrBeast!)



Greetings, Stumblers! This is the Architect speaking, and I'm here to bring you the freshest updates from the Stumble Guys universe. In today's edition, we'll be immersing ourselves in the captivating realm of player creativity as we shine a spotlight on the 'Top Workshop Maps of the Week'. This time, featuring our latest additions to the Stumble Workshop: MrBeast tools!!!!

The creations our community has conjured up this week are nothing short of extraordinary!

Without any more delays, let's dive right in!

  • Desaxbhp
  • 9753-6027-3333 It's an absolute MAYHEM and we LOVE it!! beastup.png

  • DenzZill
  • 6877-8267-9356 MrBeast's Feastables, laser madness...what else could you possibly need? beas.png

  • Martee
  • 8552-2296-7073 New fear unlocked: MONSDUCKS


  • Awvexel
  • 2711-0340-6904 MrBeast logo but make it Stumble! Love it! beast.png

And there you have it, folks! Another week, another round of absolute awesomeness in the Stumbleverse. Huge shoutout to our community for dropping some seriously wild maps that kept us all on the edge of our gaming seats. You guys are the real MVPs, turning this game into an epic rollercoaster of surprises. Stay tuned for more map madness!

Follow us on our Socials and submit your Workshop maps on our Discord server for a chance to get featured!

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