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Update 0.56: Welcome to Monopoly!



Hey there Stumblers!

Welcome to the world of Monopoly! With our upcoming update you'll enjoy two new race maps, Monopoly and Waterpark, as well as exclusive Monopoly stumblers, new events, and much more!


Monopoly Rush Race map -- Ready... Set... GO!

A giant Monopoly board has invaded Stumble Guys, with a whole host of different routes and obstacles to face as you try to get around the whole board. Risk going to jail, or maybe take the safer approach by just visiting?

STG-25505_Monopoly Level carrousel_2160x1080.png

Classic tile pieces are represented in fun Stumble-Esque ways, with giant trains crashing through their stations. There will be Chance and Community Chest Tiles changing the flow of gameplay elements, and roads boosting you around the board as fast as possible.

Watch out for the dice!

Super Waterpark - Coming Soon Race map

Inspired by the previous Super Slide level, this map features 3 unique areas:

  • Pirate Beach
  • Volcanica
  • Temple Ruin


Each zone has a unique concept, with different obstacles. There are a multitude of shortcuts and paths with different difficulties throughout the level.

Stay tuned about its release, later on in the month!



  • Libra - Mythic
  • Earl - Legendary
  • Mr. Monopoly - Legendary
  • Mr. Monopoly (Bling) - Special
  • Dog Token - Epic
  • House - Legendary
  • Hat Token - Special
  • Thimble Token - Special
  • Dice - Mythic
  • Penguin Token - Epic
  • Mr. Monopoly (Retro) - Legendary
  • Monopoly Board - Legendary
  • Monopoly Hotel - Legendary
  • Monopoly Cash - Mythic

Victory Animations

  • Share the Wealth
  • Playing Monopoly
  • I’m the Boss

Taunt Animations

  • Share the Wealth
  • Playing Monopoly
  • I’m the Boss


  • Go To Jail - Uncommon
  • Flip the Table - Uncommon


  • Monopoly Money - Epic
  • Houses & Hotels - Epic
  • Top Hat - Epic
  • Dice Roll - Epic


  • Players can now move during gameplay while emotes are off in the settings on PC.
  • Chosen skin tone will now display correctly during gameplay.
  • Unlocked skins and emotes no longer appear in the locked section.
  • Remaining players will not fail to enter Round 3 in Events.
  • We polished up the missions and reduced errors.
  • We squashed a bug where the game became unresponsive and appeared zoomed in during gameplay.

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