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Patch 0.68 - Dungeons and Dragons meet Stumble Guys!



Roll for initiative and prepare for an epic adventure, Stumblers! We're thrilled to announce our latest collaboration that will transport you to realms of magic and mystery. Get ready to embark on a journey like never before as Dungeons & Dragons arrive in the Stumble Guys realm!

In this update, we're also introducing the NEW Stumble Pass! You'll read more about this in our upcoming News post!

New Collaboration

Dungeons & Dragons Dungeons & Dragons (commonly abbreviated as D&D or DnD) is a fantasy role-playing game that allows each player to create their own fully customized character before embarking on an epic adventure. Guided by a Dungeon Master, they will have to solve problems, fight battles, explore and gather treasures and knowledge, gain experience and level up their characters to face even more dangerous challenges.

New Maps

Stumbles & Dragons Join Mr. Stumble on this epic adventure as he gathers his party to confront the dungeon's trials. Lava, traps, Kobolds, Dragons, Giants, and Beholders await as each player is bestowed with a random ability to navigate the perilous labyrinth.

  • Designed for up to 32 players, but the gameplay is still seamless with fewer participants
  • The challenge escalates as the prismatic wall relentlessly advances, testing players' abilities and determination with each passing room. There are 12 different rooms in total!
  • No two ventures into the dungeon are the same, as players are bestowed with unique class abilities to aid them in outrunning a relentless prismatic wall that spells doom for those it touches

Will you be able to escape the clutches of this mischievous dungeon?


Classes and Abilities In the new Level, players can experience playing as 1 of 4 different classes, each class will give the player a special action button allowing them to trigger a unique ability and change how they approach and solve the puzzles in the Level. The 4 classes are:

  • Fighter
  • Wizard
  • Rogue
  • Cleric

Fighter The Fighter class will give the player the ability to swing a magical ax to break barrels, cut chains, and knock down other players. Each time they swing the ax they will get a small speed boost in the direction they are facing. Wizard What self-respecting Wizard doesn’t have a plan to escape quickly? By triggering the Wizard ability the player will teleport to a location in a straight line ahead of them. The length of this teleport is always the same, so make sure you are facing the right way to know where you will land. Rogue All good Rogues need a quick way to get up high to find new paths and escape observation. The Rogue ability gives you a special boosted jump, which allows you to leap over opponents, bypass hazards, and discover new routes. Cleric The Cleric is the embodiment of serenity and calm. Using unshakeable faith, the Cleric can protect themselves from all hazards for a short period of time through their Holy shield. Trigger this ability to make yourself immune to environmental, player, and non-player hazards.


NEW Stumble Pass Based on valuable feedback from our community, we've reimagined the Stumble Pass to offer a more personalized and rewarding journey for every Stumbler.

How does it work? Play the game to win Stars Collect Stars to level up Earn Pass Tokens from each new Level Claim rewards with Pass Tokens

Activating the Stumble Pass: Just like in the previous version, you can activate your Premium Stumble Pass with the Regular Offer, by using Gems. The Premium Stumble Pass will include an exclusive Skin that will become immediately available for you to use. Also, it will allow you to unlock another exclusive Skin with Stumble Pass progression. You can go one step further and activate the Deluxe Offer! It will unlock a bundle that includes all the benefits of the Premium Pass, plus the first 30 Pass Levels (all rewards ready to unlock on your command), an exclusive Skin and a 50% Star Booster that will empower you to unlock your rewards faster!

Custom Progression and Level bypass Say goodbye to linear progression! With the NEW Stumble Pass, you'll have full control of your progress: unlock the rewards you want most along the way or even skip Pass Levels using Gems!

Expanded Rewards With each unlocked Pass Level, you earn Pass Tokens to claim coveted cosmetics and items. At the bottom of every page of the NEW Stumble Pass, you'll find a great reward waiting for you!

Diversified Star Distribution Get Stars without limitations! Earn them by completing daily and weekly Stumble Missions, as well as special Events. Since the stars are spread across the different game modes, the more you play, the more you earn!



  • D20 Roll Are you feeling lucky? Roll for initiative! Take your lucky D20 for a spin with an all-new Emote, roll the dice and see what number appears! Bowl down your opponents as you try your luck. Will it be unlucky 1? Or will you get a critical roll with a 20!
  • Roll 20!
  • Critical Failure
  • Critical Success
  • Pranked!


  • Saturn
  • Raise Dead
  • Wall of Fire
  • Dice roll
  • Spiritual weapon
  • Honey


  • Nebula
  • Star Seeker
  • Lantern Merchant
  • Loves-you-not
  • Bouquet Guy
  • No Signal
  • Peanald Jellington
  • D20
  • Mimic
  • The Sage
  • Gelatinous Cube
  • Dragonborn Paladin
  • Tiefling Warlock
  • Githyanki Fighter
  • Owlbear
  • Honeycomb
  • B-Day Guy
  • Solar Eclipse
  • Ugly Drawing
  • Drow Rogue
  • Animated Armor
  • Wizard of Thay
  • Human Bard
  • Rainbow Cloud
  • No Cap

Taunt Animations

  • Tree Planting
  • Mage Five!
  • Goodberries
  • Lute Strum
  • Mage Hand Wave
  • Bees!
  • Fainted
  • Aerial
  • Sad Kick
  • Bored

Victory Animations

  • Watering Party
  • Chair Throw
  • Blinding Dabs
  • Mr. Worldwide
  • Entangled Win
  • Shape Water
  • Character Sheet
  • Mirror Image
  • Juggling Fireballs

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck on the carousel, leading to the game becoming unresponsive when attempting to leave a Party.
  • Resolved an issue where an infinite carousel screen appeared after disconnecting from the network during the loading process on iOS.
  • Fixed an error that made the Punch Emote not appear sometimes in the emotes section.
  • Equipping taunts and special emotes no longer alters the emotes' descriptions.
  • Players can now scroll down properly in the Customize Menu by tapping on an empty space while in the Customize Menu.
  • Fixed errors related to late joiners causing issues with the matchmaking funnel.
  • Addressed an exploit where players used a missing collider to accelerate their descent on the slide on Race for Eternia Level.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes players passed through obstacles and failed to progress in the Race for Eternia Level. Players now respawn correctly at the previous checkpoint if they fall backward from a specific obstacle in the Race for Eternia Level.
  • Added the missing opponents' 'Ground cracking VFX' on the Race for Eternia Level.
  • Restored missing zap effects in the Bot Bash Level.
  • Removed visual artifacts appearing on the outer track where they shouldn't be on the track leading to the final phase on Hot Wheels 2 Level.
  • The Smoke Skin no longer partially disappears near the Beast logo at the start and end of the Map in the Mr. Beast's Dangerous Traps Level.
  • Fixed a bug that caused jumping on a trampoline to be delayed if the user used Force Shield Emote just before landing
  • Selected templates in the Stumble Workshop now correctly appear when entering editor mode to create a new Map.
  • Fixed a Stumble Workshop bug where placeables could be moved inadvertently while testing a Map.
  • The old XP logo has been removed from the invite friends popup.
  • Resolved an issue where duplicate rewards were displayed multiple times on the reward screen after claiming Stumble Boxes.
  • Other minor fixes and corrections.

In wrapping up our 0.68 update, a big thanks to all Stumblers for embarking on this magical journey with us. Your adventures and feedback inspire us to keep the realm of Stumble Guys filled with wonder. Exciting surprises await, so stay tuned!

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