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Update 0.72 - Looney Tunes is Here!



0.72 Patch Notes - Chaos at the ACME factory!

Looney Tunes has invaded Stumble Guys! Dive into the chaotic new teams Map, Special Delivery, where we have a whole new game mode! Customize your Stumble Workshop Maps with epic new thumbnails and attract more players to your creations. Plus, unleash chaos with the hilarious Rake Throw Special Emote—turning rakes into traps or stumbling other players in mid-air!

New Map

Special Delivery

Dive into the chaotic world of ACME in our latest game mode! Team up to either escort your payload or venture off to sabotage your opponents. Navigate through a series of dynamic and interactive environments in a zany ACME factory setting.

  • There are two teams, Red and Blue. You must stay within the circle that matches your team color to escort the bomb down ramps and around corners. Be the first to travel all the way to the vault and detonate your team’s bomb to secure victory in a spectacular explosion!
  • Take advantage of multiple paths and trampolines or use air vents for vertical escapes to strategically position yourself. Scout ahead to take control of the area!
  • Pick Up ACME weapons for an intense clash.
  • Watch out for chemical baths, spinning hammers, mouse traps, rockets, spring-loaded boxing gloves and who knows what else!
  • Utilize ACME's own box-making machines which sporadically eject TNT to add to the mayhem!
  • The iconic Warner Brothers water tower is also there, with a hazardous spinning water jet trap.
  • The Map supports 8-12 players per team, perfect for intense first or second round matches.

Prepare for a wild ride in Special Delivery, where every delivery counts and every moment is explosively fun! unnamed.png

New Gameplay Feature

Stumble Workshop Customized Thumbnails

Great news for builders and dreamers! Custom thumbnails have arrived for the Stumble Workshop!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of The Architect, you can now personalize your Workshop Maps like never before. Say goodbye to the old, default thumbnail because it's time to shine a spotlight on your unique creations.

Snap & Showcase: Dive into your Map with our new camera feature—float around, find the perfect angle, and snap a picture to set as your Map's thumbnail. This isn't just about aesthetics; it's about capturing the essence of your creation and making your Map stand out in the crowd. Show off epic landscapes, intricate structures, or thrilling battle arenas—it's all up to you!

Why Is It Awesome?

  • Personal Touch: Reflect your Map’s vibe right from the get-go.
  • Attract Players: A cool thumbnail draws more explorers to your world.
  • Creative Freedom: You control your Map’s first impression.
  • Ready to give it a shot? Jump into the Stumble Workshop, unleash your inner photographer, and let your Map do the talking. The Architect can't wait to see what incredible views you'll capture! unnamed (1).png unnamed (2).png

Cosmetics Emotes

  • Rake Throw Triggering the Emote throws a rake vertically into the air above the player’s character's head (The rake is always shot vertically. Even if the player is moving, no horizontal velocity will be added to the rake) When the rake lands back on the ground it becomes a trap and will stun anyone who walks over it. If the rake directly hits a Stumbler (including the person who threw it) in mid air, it will stumble them and disappear (it won't land on the ground and become a trap)

  • No.

  • Our Emote

  • Backfired Elmer

  • Slay

  • Very Well Done

  • Angry Zongzi

  • King Bugs

  • Be Quiet

  • Burn!

  • Dropped Ice Cream


  • Cartoon Dust
  • ACME Corp.
  • Rainbow Glitters
  • Tasmanian Tornadoes


  • Zoot Suit Daffy - Looney Tunes
  • Marvin the Martian - Looney Tunes
  • King Chungus - Looney Tunes
  • Looney Tunes Fan - Looney Tunes
  • Bugs Bunny - Looney Tunes
  • Elmer Fudd - Looney Tunes
  • Tweety - Looney Tunes
  • Glam Slinger
  • Glam Gal
  • Ice Cream Swindler
  • Bratwurst Barrage
  • Disco Inferno
  • Felix the Dragon Rider
  • Reef Muse
  • Catfish
  • Monk of the Dragon Temple
  • Glitter Groove
  • Grillmaster
  • Dragon Slayer

Taunt Animations

  • Cabaret
  • Cartoon Fall
  • Anvil Drop
  • Halt
  • Sausage Flip

Victory Animations

  • Thats All Folks
  • Looney Tones
  • Guitar Frontsplit
  • All Sweaty
  • Kandama
  • Heat Up the Grill

Bug fixes

  • Resolved several issues that ensure smoother gameplay and updates.
  • Addressed a critical login issue where users were stuck on the loading screen in versions 0.71 and 0.71.5, ensuring smoother entry into the game.
  • Fixed a bug in Team Block Dash where the Level failed to finish even after all players were eliminated.
  • Resolved game crashes in Team Block Dash on Steam during Custom Parties when this Level was set in the 2nd & 3rd rounds.
  • Corrected a problem where game sessions were getting stuck on the carousel during initiation in Custom Parties and normal play.
  • Fixed an issue in the Custom Party lobby where sometimes users were unable to select Emotes.
  • Resolved improper sequencing of notifications for incomplete and completed missions, ensuring clarity in mission progress communication.
  • Fixed a bug where 'Vsync' and 'Frame Rate Limit' buttons were non-responsive in the WebGL settings menu, ensuring better control over gameplay visual settings.
  • Corrected the appearance of the Fire Button during gameplay in the Rocket Rumble Level on Steam and WebGL platforms, preventing interface duplication and confusion.
  • Addressed an array of minor bugs across various Levels and gameplay modes, improving user interaction, gameplay stability, and overall experience.

With the 0.72 update, Stumble Guys takes chaos and creativity to a whole new level. Get ready to dive into the wild ACME factory in the "Special Delivery" map, where hilarious hazards await at every turn. Show off your creative side with custom thumbnails in the Stumble Workshop, and cause some mayhem with the new Rake Throw emote. Plus, enjoy a host of Looney Tunes-inspired cosmetics that add a fun twist to your game. Along with crucial bug fixes, this update promises an even more exciting and explosive Stumble Guys experience. Jump in and join the fun!

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