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Patch Notes 0.75 - HUGE New Features Are Coming!



0.75 Player Patch Notes

Stumbling up the Ranks!

Welcome to this exciting new update of Stumble Guys! We can't wait to share the thrilling features we have in store for you.

This release is packed with the highly anticipated Ranked Seasons and a complete revamp of our Special Emote system. We’ve listened closely to the community, and these additions are a direct result of your requests and suggestions.

Get ready to dive into a more competitive and dynamic Stumble Guys experience, where the progression counts for real!

Stay tuned as we break down all the details of what's new and how this update will CHANGE how you compete and progress in the game.

Let’s Stumble into the fun together!

NOTE: Please note that, as usual, much of the content listed below (such as Rankeds and Abilities) will not be available at the time of the release of version 0.75 but will be unlocked throughout Thursday, July 11.


New Feature


Ready to put your skills to the ultimate test? Ranked is finally here! It's time to show the world what you're made of and climb the ranks from a humble beginner to a Champion Stumbler. Get set for fierce competition, epic rewards, and endless bragging rights. Let the Ranked games begin!

Find all the information about Ranked games in our next article image copy.png

Big Feature Update In this update, we are introducing an exciting overhaul to Special Emotes, bringing a new level of strategy and progression to Stumble Guy.

Traditional Special Emotes have been transformed into Abilities! Just like Special Emotes, players can equip Abilities and use them during matches.

Normal Emotes and Taunts can now be equipped separately, so you can have four Emotes/Taunts and four abilities equipped at any given time.

As before, Abilities add a strategic layer to the gameplay, allowing players to choose skills that complement their playstyle in a specific map or experience and give them an edge in the competition.

Find all the information about the new Ability update in our next article.

Changes to Taunts and Abilities

We have disabled the use of Taunts to restrict movement. This exploit allowed players to bypass Llevel mechanics, creating an unfair advantage in some Levels.

Instead, we have integrated this behavior into specific new Abilities, such as the Shield, which players can unlock and use in a more controlled way. This, and other mechanics, are now a part of the Ability system.

New Gameplay Feature

Laser Tracer Endless

You asked for it, and we delivered! Welcome to the thrilling world of Laser Tracer Endless! This revamped Llevel introduces a unique endless mechanic, meaning the challenge continues as long as players remain alive. Here's what you can expect from this exciting update:

Endless Survival: The Llevel doesn't stop until the last player is eliminated. Test your endurance and see how long you can outlast your opponents in this never-ending laser dodging frenzy. Survival Timer: A new timer tracks how long you can survive, adding an extra layer of competition. Aim for personal bests and challenge your friends to beat your survival time. Dynamic Skybox: Experience the passage of time with a new dynamic skybox that changes as you play. Watch the sky evolve from dawn to dusk, adding a visually immersive element to your endless run. Remodeled Map: The Laser Tracer Mmap has been meticulously remodeled for a smoother and more enjoyable experience. Navigate the arena with improved aesthetics and fluidity.

Dive into Laser Tracer Endless and push your limits in this continuous battle for survival! lacer tracer.png

New Gameplay Feature

Bot Bash Teams

We know how much our community loves team Maps, so we’re bringing you more! Get ready for Bot Bash Teams, where teamwork and strategy are key.

Gather your friends for an epic showdown! Form teams in Events and Custom Parties, and go head-to-head with other groups in a fierce battle for the crown. If a teammate gets knocked out, no worries! Use the new orbs to revive them and keep the momentum going strong.

By now, you’re probably familiar with the Teams feature, but here’s a quick refresher just in case you missed the previous updates:

  • A maximum of two (2) respawn orbs will appear on the Map.
  • Each respawn orb appears in a random place of the Map
  • Each respawn happens in a random amount of time after the last one was collected with a maximum of 12 seconds.
  • Collecting orbs will bring back players in the same order they have been eliminated, so they always come back in the same order they were eliminated (first out - first in)
  • You can collect orbs even if all your teammates are alive in order to make it more difficult for your rival teams to survive. bot bash teams.png


  • Stumblers
  • Firewing
  • Warpwing
  • Cyberturion
  • Emperor Maximus
  • Rayder
  • Bionic Blaze
  • Origami
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Musketeer Pierre
  • Fisherman Tom
  • Foxy
  • Dixie
  • Momo
  • Wendy
  • Stumblin' Rhymez
  • Quantum Velocity


  • Fireflies
  • Garbage
  • Volcanoes
  • Warp Speed


  • Golden Metal
  • Ave!
  • Fishing Pole

Taunt Animations

  • Ready, Set, Go!
  • Advance
  • Fencing

Bug fixes

  • Resolved a visual error in the Stumble Pass Level-Up screen which displayed Levels beyond the intended limit.
  • Resolved an issue allowing players to move while using the Cartoon Fall Taunt during gameplay, maintaining intended gameplay mechanics.
  • We have disabled the use of taunts to cancel movement. This exploit allowed players to bypass level mechanics, creating an unfair advantage in some Levels.
  • Additional info in the Abilities section above.
  • Numerous other minor fixes and adjustments have been made across various Levels and gameplay mechanics to enhance overall game stability and player experience.

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